Artist Statement / Bio and Resume

Artist Statement

 In my more than twenty-five years of organizing, designing and painting public art works, my major interest has been to involve local people from all walks of life in every aspect of each project.  I believe that each person in their life and their community has something to contribute to the way we all see and understand the world. 

The public art projects I have organized include murals on public buildings, in playgrounds, in elementary and high schools and on senior centers. My belief is that all participants in these projects, sometimes a few, sometimes dozens, of amateur artists, children and adults, emerge with a feeling of pride and accomplishment, and increased connection to their community.  I know that these artworks enrich each community with color, imagination, history and a sense of being a special place. 

I believe that public art reflects the soul of a place.  It provides a critical outlet for its unheard or silenced rhythms, vibes and voices.

In both public and non-public work I strive to make my art a reflecting pool, a table of nourishment for thought, action, and truth, and a progressive force in recognizing and conveying a truth. This is my passion, reasoning and philosophical approach to art – it is the highest form of communication I aspire to.


I’ve been a drafter, a backcountry ranger, a gardener for the City and County of San Francisco, and a bicycle transportation planner, among other things- but one thread follows through all of them: I always carried a sketchbook on the job and if I didn’t draw on my lunch hour, I sketched out some ideas after work.  The things I’m attracted to constantly change but always have addressed our place in time and how we interact with it and each other. Now I have the chance to devote more time to sketching, painting and printmaking and try to make inroads into our understanding of our individual and collective lives.