Murals and Public Art

In my more than twenty-five years of organizing, designing and painting public art works, my major interest has been to involve local people from all walks of life in every aspect of each project.  I believe that each person in their life and their community has something to contribute to the way we all see and understand the world.

The public art projects I have organized include murals on public buildings, in playgrounds, in elementary and high schools and on senior centers. My belief is that all participants in these projects, sometimes a few, sometimes dozens, of amateur artists, children and adults, emerge with a feeling of pride and accomplishment, and increased connection to their community.  I know that these artworks enrich each community with color, imagination, history and a sense of being a special place.

I believe that public art reflects the soul of a place.  It provides a critical outlet for its unheard or silenced rhythms, vibes and voices.


I am grateful to receive a commission from the SFGH Foundation to paint a large heart, to be bid on as a fundraiser for the hospital in 2021.



 Muni Art 2021

I am happy to be one of the artists featured on the Muni buses in 2021.  The bus lines have been greatly downsized but the art hopefully brightens whatever buses they are on anyway.


Shelter-in-Place Murals 


When the shelter-in-place began, I noticed my neighborhood starting to look blighted.  Boarded up windows and doors lined the street and I wondered what I could do.  I realized that I could do what I do- paint them, try to bring some positivity and uplifting color to the area and provide some energy towards showing hope and respect for my city and people.  Below are some examples from many areas of San Francisco.


348 Precita Avenue, San Francisco 

 I was honored to participate in painting the original Precita Eyes studio at 348 Precita Avenue in December, 2020.  The mural honors the community and 44 year legacy of Precita Eyes Muralists.




2711 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, Ca.

This mural in Berkeley was painted with spray and traditional paint and honors the Ohlone.  Local kids are shown literally wiping away the fog of history to reveal the area’s first inhabitants.



Southbound Fulton @ Masonic Ave, San Francisco


813 Divisadero door

813 Divisadero, San Francisco

813 Divisadero outside

813 Divisadero, San Francisco


3011 Steiner

3011 Steiner Street, San Francisco


43 Frankliin

Franklin St. @ Page St. San Francisco


431 Castro

432 Castro Street, San Francisco



2298 Steiner Street, San Francisco


2331 Market St

2000 Block of Market Street, San Francisco

Cycles of Life Mosaic

This mosaic was completed in December of 2019.   It is located at 1296 Shotwell Street in San Francisco and was designed, fabricated and installed in conjunction with Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center and 4 other artists, Fred Alvarado, Christy Majano, Robert Louthan and Yuka Ezoe.







Curiosity Will Get You Where You Want To Go





Copyright 2019 Precita Eyes Muralists

Lincoln High School Mural, 2019, San Francisco, Ca.  Designed and painted with Precita Eyes Muralist Robert Louthan and the assistance of some dedicated high school students.


 The Twin Bulls of Lakkos

The Twin Bulls of Lakkos, 2019.  Painted on Crete, Greece in the Lakkos neighborhood on the side of a popular cafe as a way to attract interest, investment, and re-vitalize the area without gentrifying it.
A full shot of the Twin Bulls of Lakkos.  The design honors the myth ( or legend) of the Bull of Minos (Crete) where this mural is painted, and puts a modern twist on it.

                     Festival Time

This mural is installed at a senior center in San Francisco, reflecting their diverse ethnicities and honoring their request to showcase what they consider the among the best of their cultures, the festivals.  The mural was made by watercolor on yupo paper, then scanned and printed on metal.



Mahira 2

Mahila was painted inside a popular restaurant in San Francisco known by the same name. The photo references the owner, the basket she is holding shows a stylized depiction of the spices used in the cuisine, and the house in the background is similar to the one she grew up in.  The poem to the left was written by her and addresses the meaning of “Mahila”- ( woman) in her culture.

                            Greetings From Oakland


This modernized yet old fashioned postcard mural design appears in downtown Oakland, Ca. 2018.


Offerings Mural_D.Weinberg

Copyright 2018 Precita Eyes Muralists

“Offerings”, Grocery Outlet Mural, San Francisco, 2018.  This mural celebrates food and culture from around the world and was painted with Precita Eyes Muralists Francisco Franco, Felipe Hernandez, Robert Louthan, and Sarah Siskin.

Offerings_D.Weinberg 2

Offerings_D.Weinberg 6

Offerings_D.Weinberg 1 small
“Offerings” Grocery Outlet Mural detail, S. Van Ness Avenue and 24th St, San Francisco, 2018. These show the central american traditional ingredients, foods, and kitchen implements.

Offerings_D.Weinberg 8

Offerings_D.Weinberg 9
These mural details show a Middle Eastern ancient water pitcher and South American bowl and ingredients used for traditional dishes.

                                    PUBLIC ART


          Utility Boxes, City of San Bruno, Ca.




Utility Boxes, Redwood City, Ca.

Painted Trash Cans, Tenderloin Neighborhood, San Francisco, Ca


                                 Gigi’s Jungle

Gigi's Jungle 7:17.JPG

San Francisco, Ca.  Fantasy jungle with the owner’s favorite tropical animals.




Hummingbird on garage door, San Francisco, Ca.


                                  Water Bearer


Mural on outside motel wall, San Francisco, Ca.


                               Frisco’s Wild Side


Alley long mural in Langton Alley, San Francisco depicting the City after humans have left and animals have reclaimed their territory. Painted with Precita Eyes Muralist Josh Sarantitis.


                         En La Lucha Por La Paz


Painted in solidarity with the people of Masatepe, Nicaragua


                       Dream, Discover and Play


Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, murals on wall and playground.