The Latest/Shelter in Place Murals too

2711 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, Ca.

This mural in Berkeley was painted with spray and traditional paint and honors the Ohlone.  Local kids are shown literally wiping away the fog of history to reveal the area’s first inhabitants.

It was such an honor to participate in this mural, celebrating the legacy and ongoing work of Precita Eyes in the community!

348 Precita Avenue, San Francisco, Ca

Hearts in SF

I’m grateful to be chosen to paint a large heart for the SFGH Foundation as a fundraiser. It is finished now.


When the shelter-in-place began, I noticed my neighborhood starting to look blighted.  Boarded up windows and doors lined the street and I wondered what I could do.  I realized that I could do what always had done – paint them, try to bring some positivity and uplifting color to the area and provide some energy towards showing hope and respect for my city and people.  Below are some examples many areas of San Francisco.

Post and Hyde 2 copyPost and Hyde 2

Haight and Fillmore 2

Haight and Fillmore 1105770247_10223384084654445_8846164617585104145_o899 Valencia1758 Fillmore

.813 Divisadero door813 Divisadero outside3011 SteinerIMG-0500IMG-0498IMG-049743 FrankliinIMG-0501

431 Castro2331 Market St

Plough and Stars 1Plough and Stars 2Plough and Stars 4Plough and Stars 3

1700 Polk St

Avenue 12 Gallery

Many thanks to Avenue 12 Gallery for re-adjusting their space while closed and opening their windows up to artists.  I have a few pieces here since the S.I.P. began.



This show, curated by Gwenda Joyce, was scheduled to take place in person at the TIDES gallery in the Presidio of San Francisco.  The show was moved to on-line and continues.  Hopefully we’ll be able to show our works together in the near future. From the program: Deirdre Weinberg is based in San Francisco and this oil painting in “Facing Contemporary Issues” is personal to her. She wrote: “A bright red oil rig off the coast of California is leaking into the ocean. The swirls of red escaped oil highlighting the danger of our continued dependance on fossil fuels.”See the entire exhibit of 12 artists whose works addresses current challenges we are facing.



This annual juried fundraiser was cancelled due to the S.I.P. order in San Francisco.  I am happy to be chosen to exhibit and auction off my work.  This is a woodcut with watercolor and colored pencil of a building in the Tenderloin neighborhood lost to recent gentrification.

Fire Escape.JPG